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The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open.

Cast and Crew of Color.org
Posted by Digital Dragon | April 25, 2010 04:15 AM
DV Republic citizens of color who work in Film, TV, and/or the Internet are encouraged to register with the recently launched online professional network. Click on the link below to register and put an end to the Big Lie that "we can't find people of color for opportunities in this industry". http://www.CastandCrewofColor.org

Apple App Store Bans Pulitzer-Winning Satirist for Satire
Posted by Digital Dragon | April 17, 2010 05:41 AM
Editorial cartoonist Mark Fiore may be good enough to win this year’s Pulitzer Prize, but he’s evidently too biting to get past the auditors who run Apple’s iPhone app store, who ruled that lampooning public figures violated its terms of service.

Apple, others boycotting Fox News
Posted by Digital Dragon | April 09, 2010 01:19 AM
According to a Washington Post story by Howard Kurtz, about 200 advertisers have "joined a boycott" of Glenn Beck's program, with Apple abandoning Fox News altogether. From the story:

MEDIA POWER TRUMPS PEOPLE’S RIGHTS: Court Rules Against F.C.C. in ‘Net Neutrality’ Case
Posted by Digital Dragon | April 07, 2010 07:31 AM
A federal appeals court has ruled that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the authority to require broadband providers to give equal treatment to all Internet traffic flowing over their networks.

Editorial Stokes Debate Over Journalistic Integrity
Posted by Digital Dragon | March 15, 2010 11:47 AM
A Washington Post editorial written by former New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines has sparked a media conversation about the influence of Fox News and drawn the ire of, among others, Bill O'Reilly.

F.C.C. Plan to Widen Internet Access in U.S. Sets Up Battle
Posted by Digital Dragon | March 13, 2010 05:31 AM
The Federal Communications Commission is proposing an ambitious 10-year plan that will reimagine the nation’s media and technology priorities by establishing high-speed Internet as the country’s dominant communication network.

The story behind Oscar's "Kanye moment"
Posted by Digital Dragon | March 08, 2010 05:51 AM
We talk to the two filmmakers whose personal fight became one of the

Post your Oscar commentary
Posted by Digital Dragon | March 06, 2010 07:49 PM

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2010
Posted by Digital Dragon | March 01, 2010 08:46 AM

Coalition of 23 groups seeks action from FCC chairman on minority telecom issues
Posted by Digital Dragon | February 17, 2010 09:01 AM
In a letter addressed to the Federal Communications Chairman, Julius Genachowski, a coalition of 23 minority organizations requested immediate steps be taken on current proposals to stem the loss of minority ownership throughout the telecommunications industry.

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Dance Pioneer and human rights champion Katherine Dunham is presented in conversation with former Dunham dancer, Julie Belafonte. Katherine Dunham was a national treasure. (She passed away in May of 2006, one month short of her 97th birthday.)

Freddy Vargas wrote and directed "Rice & Beans" and "Greenbacks", two episodes of the "Once Upon A Ride" latin drama series developed in the BFF DV Lab.
BIG HEAD PEOPLE is an animated political sketch comedy series created by Monteria Ivey & Stephan Dweck, featuring the voices of the "Goon Squad" comedy troupe (with animation by Andre Sutherland). Why "Big Head People" Because the world they inhabit is remarkably similar to ours... filled with provocative, politically explosive situations that require BIG ideas, from people with BIG mouths, and BIG heads to match. In an age where political correctness is used as a buzzword to mean "keep quiet," the BIG HEAD PEOPLE have something to say... and they'll make you laugh while you think.