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Become a Citizen of DV Republic
DvRepublic intends to exist as a self-validating, self-supporting online community of "citizens" who will regularly critique the so-called mainstream film and television and at their discretion, collectively finance the "liberated cinema" of "fugitive filmmakers". We use the Internet and New Media technology to connect this community. "DV" stands for "digital video" and "dissident voices".
Historical Precedent
Cyberspace is the liberated zone of the 21st century and the home of our dvRepublic. According to Professor C. Daniel Dawson, dvRepublic's scholar in residence, this notion of a "liberated zone" as a "republic" has a 500-year-old tradition and precedent in the Western Hemisphere. Know as Quilombos in Brazil, Palanques in Cuba, Cimirrones in Mexico, and Maroons in Jamaica, these republics were created by communities of Africans, indigenous people, and indentured whites who escaped from the control of those who disrespected, abused, enslaved and oppressed them.
Citizenship Rights & Protections
We invite you to become a "citizen" by registering on the website. Citizenship gives you the right to participate in our various discussion forums and receive advance notices and invitations to events we hold both online and offline.

Consistent with the historic tradition of the "fugitive" or "runaway" your identity will be protected by your screen name. Your anonymous and voluntary participation is represented by icons we will post next to your screen name to measure the community responses to your posted comments in the discussion forum and to acknowledge your financial contribution to film projects you support.

We will not provide your personal information to third parties. Check out our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more info.

(Citizenship is only open to those age 14 and above.)
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