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If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem
Cast and Crew of Color.org
Posted | April 25, 2010 04:15 AM
DV Republic citizens of color who work in Film, TV, and/or the Internet are encouraged to register with the recently launched online professional network. Click on the link below to register and put an end to the Big Lie that "we can't find people of color for opportunities in this industry". http://www.CastandCrewofColor.org
Posted by tgovanjr | March 08,2011 11:24 AM
As a photographer & filmmaker with over thirty years of experience, I think this work you're doing is extraordinary. Thank you for caring, and please let me now of anything I can do to help.
Posted by Duvet | December 01,2013 10:39 AM
I found out about this website from the guest speaker, Malcolm D. Lee, writer/director of The Best Man and Best Man Holiday on WBLS "Open Line" Sunday morning talk show. I was so excited to learn about "cast and crew of color.org" and fortunately was linked to "dvrepublic.org"! I'm so excited to really commit myself to what I love and do best, write and produce stories of content! Thank you for being the spark that have reignited the flame inside of me!

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When a Caribbean-born South Asian man is roughed up on the street because he "looks like a Arab", his American-born son is outraged. Ignoring his parent's advice to let it go, this young man dresses up in traditional Arabic dress and walks the street as a kind of shark bait for bigots. This politicized Kung Fu film raises issues of racial profiling and vigilantism.

Monique Curnen is is an actor and producer. Her acting credits include roles in the highly acclaimed film MARIA FULL OF GRACE (Joshua Marston - Audience Award, 2004 Sundance Film Festival), ANGEL (Jim McKay), KATE & LEOPOLD(James Mangold). She has just completed work on the 2006 releases LADY IN THE WATER (M. Night Shyamalan), BERNARD AND DORIS (Bob Balaban) and HALF NELSON (Ryan Fleck) which was a crtics favorite at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.
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